Project Description

FEDINC provided services to Progress Energy to reclaim more than 1,500 acres of mined lands into part of the State’s Integrated Habitat Network, a system of interconnected wildlife corridors. The project was in compliance with Progress Energy’s site operating permit. The reclaimed system included native habitats such as forested and herbaceous wetlands for wildlife feeding, endangered xeric habitats, and other range land and forested areas. This project is located within the Peace River watershed basin and is one of the largest and most innovative reclamation projects undertaken in the industry.  The project consisted of soil testing, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling utilizing HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS, design of an outfall structures, preparation and submitting Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) and associated Army Corps of Engineers Permit, Preparing Non-mandatory Reclamation Program applications, conducting cut and fill calculations utilizing Eagle Point, cost estimates for construction of the project, preparation of construction bid packages, solicitation of bids, construction management, reimbursement requests, accompanying governmental tours for reviews and project release and wild life group tours of the area.

Project Video & Photos